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If You Could Have a Wish Granted...

If you had a secret wish that could be granted, what would it be?

  • Would you wish for unlimited wealth?

  • World peace?

  • The ability to eat all the chocolate without gaining weight?

If I Could Have MY Wish Granted

Well, if I could have had a secret wish granted, it would be that my husband and I could dance as well as the Aggie Wrangler dance team.

Before you start scratching your head in confusion, let me explain.

For those who haven't had the pleasure of witnessing the High Flyin', Death Defyin' Aggie Wranglers, they are a group of dancers from Texas A&M University who perform a unique style of dance known as country-western swing.

They are like acrobats in boots and denim, effortlessly stepping across the dance floor with intricate footwork and perfect synchronization.

If you've never seen them, I highly recommend checking them out on YouTube. Trust me, it's a rabbit hole you won't regret falling into.

You'll find yourself mesmerized by their skill and talent. Before you know it, you'll wish you could mimic their moves if only you had their youth, flexibility, and coordination.

In my wish-granting scenario, Andy would flip and toss me around as if I weighed nothing to the fast-paced country jitterbug favorite, "Ain't Going Down Till the Sun Comes Up" by Garth Brooks.

Our following number would involve twirling and spinning with speed to a country polka. No, not the 'cheesy' polka dances portrayed in Hollywood films to make fun of European ancestry. It's a faced pace triple-step pattern that has couples going around a dance floor in a clockwise fashion.

If you can't keep pace with a song like "My Maria" by Brooks and Dunn, set this one out. Again, in my dream, watch out as Andy spins us or twirls me around or behind his back before picking up the forward progression again.

Now, don't get me wrong. Andy and I do well enough for Old Ags on the dance floor. We can keep pace with "My Maria," but with only a few spins and twirls. Sadly, we never developed our jitterbug skills.

But compared to the Aggie Wranglers, we should move over and tell "Good Bull" Stories (another Aggie Tradition) and embellish our old dancing days with a healthy dose of exaggeration. Meanwhile, we'll let the youngins continue to impress every crowd that takes a moment to watch.

But alas, my wish remains a secret desire, a dream that dances just out of reach. However, that won't stop me from watching the Aggie Wranglers on YouTube or whopping loudly whenever I visit Aggieland and watch their performances.

What Do Wishes Have to Do With Genealogy?

On the surface, this blog post (and YouTube Short) may seem like a whimsical tangent unrelated to tracing our ancestral roots or uncovering long-lost family stories.

But here's the thing: our wishes, secret or not, are a part of our personal history.

They reveal our desires, dreams, and aspirations, shaping who we are and who we want to become.

When we dive into genealogy, we often focus on dates, names, and historical records. We meticulously piece together the puzzle of our family tree, connecting the dots between generations. But amidst all the birth certificates, marriage records, and faded photographs, it's important to remember that our ancestors were more than just names on a page. They had hopes, wishes, and dreams of their own.

Imagine stumbling upon an old diary or a stack of handwritten letters from a long-lost relative. As you leaf through the delicate pages, you discover the secret desires they harbored in their hearts.

Perhaps it was a wish for a better life, to travel the world, or to pursue a passion that society deemed impractical. These hidden dreams provide us with a glimpse into the inner lives of our ancestors, allowing us to connect with them on a deeper level.

So, dear reader, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on your own secret wish.

What is that one desire you hold close to your heart, the wish that brings a sparkle to your eyes and a smile to your face?

Is it something extravagant or simple? Serious or whimsical?

Take the time to not only consider it but WRITE IT DOWN! For in doing so, you're tapping into a delightful aspect of your personal history.

Let's embrace the playful side of our personal histories and celebrate the dreams that make us who we are. Whether it's a desire to dance like the Aggie Wranglers, a wish for a superpower, or even a longing for a never-ending supply of pizza, no wish is too big or too small.

Now, I would love to hear from you. Share your secret wish with me. You can share your secret wish by leaving a comment below.

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