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Creating a Leeds Method Chart Using MyHeritage DNA Matches

DNA Leeds Method Chart with overlay Leeds Method using MyHeritage DNA Matches

Organizing your DNA Matches can help you visualize relationships. Using the MyHeritage Shared DNA matches list, you can quickly create a Leeds Method chart.

Leeds Method Using MyHeritage DNA Webinar

The goal of a Leeds Method chart has the power to divide your DNA matches into four colored columns to represent each of your four grandparents.

Previously, Andy has released two videos on how to create Leeds Method charts.

During this and other genetic genealogy training sessions on our YouTube channel, viewers have requested a slower-paced, step-by-step tutorial on using shared matches from MyHeritage to create a Leeds Chart.

In this video, you'll follow Devon Noel Lee as she creates her Leeds Chart. You'll learn:

  • What mistakes to avoid when creating a Leeds Chart?

  • What to do when your chart, limited to between 90 - 400 cm, has few results?

  • When to stop looking for lead DNA matches?

  • How to determine which lead column goes with which ancestors using such clues as the MyHeritage Theory of Family Relativity.

View the Recording as an FHF Xtra Channel Member

The one-hour step-by-step training is available to view in our YouTube Channel Member archive.

If you have joined, the webinar is available anytime by signing into YouTube and then clicking on this link: How to Create a Leeds Chart Using MyHeritage Shared Matches - Step-By-Step Tutorial.

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