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Memory Snippets Writing Example For SCGS Stars in My Family Tree

SCGS Stars in Your Family Tree Example of a Memory Snippet

How can you turn a small memory into a family history story that shines a light on the stars in your family tree? Wrote a Memory Snippet.

Unless the photo essay, a memory snippet often lack documentation or photographs. Thus a writer strives to transport a reader to the time and place of a specific moment in a relative’s life. If you’ve ever heard or shared family stories at gatherings, then you have the foundation to write a memory snippet.

The following article was featured in a South California Genealogical Society Webinar on January 9th. (For a link to the webinar, scroll to the bottom.)

You can then submit this type of article for inclusion in the book The Stars in Your Family Tree that the Southern California Genealogical Society will publish in June 2021.

Moose Tells Bob to Hold This

When you date a guy named Moose, how long do you think the relationship would last?

In 1967, Penny Brown, a graduate of South High School in Columbus, Ohio, was doing odd jobs and working at home. Her kid sister teased her about wrecking two cars after being the Vice President of her school’s Safe Driving Club.

Eighteen-year-old Penny wasn’t planning on going to college but was continuing to develop her office skills, particularly her fast typing times. She was also dating a man named Moose.

During the late 1960s, Penny loved music such as “Kicks” by Paul Revere and Raiders, “Cherry, Cherry” by Neil Diamond, and “Dedicated to the One I Love” by the Mamas and the Papa.

One night, Moose and Penny attended a dance in Columbus. Penny and Moose were social but one question would change both of their destinies.

“Hold this, will you?”

Moose asked a stranger to Penny if he would hold her for a while.

That stranger was Robert Paul Geiszler, Jr, better known as Bobby in those days. He had graduated from Linden McKinney High School in May 1964 at the bottom of his class. Bobby had attended The Ohio State University for one year, but flunked out after partying too much.

After that, he and four buddies attempted to enlist for the Vietnam War together. Bobby was rejected because of his poor hearing.

In 1965, a rock band called the Rebounds began playing the Columbus music circuit. They had a British sound coupled with R&B and a mid-Ohio club sensibility. Bobby became a roadie for this group which recorded a Paul Revere and the Raider’s song, “I'm Not Your Stepping Stone.”

Penny and Bobby never clarified where and when they met, other than at a club like an event. Moose wanted to go talk to someone and told Bobby to hold on to his girl until he returned. Penny and Bobby started dating shortly thereafter and were married on 16 September 1967 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

Bob always said, “Moose told me to hold on to Penny but never specified for how long.”

Total Word Count: 353

FYI: This article falls well under the 600-word limit. Not every story needs to reach that limit. However, I can expand the article using family and social context.

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Will You Submit a Memory Snippet to SCGS?

Memory snippets will add variety to The Stars in Your Family Tree book that the Southern California Genealogical Society will publish in June 2021 which I mentioned in this previous blog post. Honor your ancestor by finally recording and publish one of the many legends or stories that make up your family lore.

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