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How to Search MyHeritage Record Collections to Build Your Family Tree

MyHeritage Family Tree how to use Record Search to build your family tree

If you want to explore more than 12 billion historical records on MyHeritage, your first stop should be the search engine redesigned in 2020.

How to Search Record Collections For Your Ancestors

  1. Click "Research" in the top menu bar on MyHeritage.

  2. Type in identifying details about your ancestor in the search form.

The simple search form asks for only:

  • First and middle name(s)

  • Last name

  • Year of birth

  • Place

You can also add more details to the search firm before you click the orange "Search" button.

  • Father

  • Mother

  • Spouse

  • Death

Click more to access:

  • Marriage

  • Residence

  • Military

  • Immigration

  • Any

  • Child

  • Sibling

  • Keywords

  • Gender

While I see the value in many of the search forms, I often use search by:

  • Surname Only

  • First Name and No-Surname

  • First Name, NO Middle Name, Surname, and Birth Year.

MyHeritage will put this simple search form, with the capacity to add more advanced selections, to the top of your results page. That way, you can update your search queries quickly to continue filtering your results.

To see how to search for records and evaluate them, watch this video.

Video: How to use Meritage Record Search  to build your family tree

Warnings About MyHeritage Search Results

Be advised that the search results often have many possibilities that don't have your last name or the location if you search without using exact matches.

For instance, I would find Mary Held (born Holzberger) when I searched for Mary Karlsberger. I would find results from Teisendorf, Germania, and Krakaudorf when I didn't key in an exact match for Ohio.

If this happens to you, you will need to select the match exactly option that pops up in the search forms when you click on each field.

How I Found a New Newspaper Article for My Family

As you may know, I'm a huge fan of city directories and newspaper research. While searching for my Karlsberger relatives on MyHeritage, I discovered why my great-grand uncle's son was in a state instruction in Ohio.

To find this newspaper clipping, I followed these steps:

  1. Searched for George Karlsberger b 1825

  2. Noticed newspaper results for in Napolean, Ohio, not Columbus, Ohio.

  3. Click on the newspaper result and discover the entry was a report out of Columbus, Columbus, Ohio.

  4. Discovered the news clipping in 1895 mentioned that George was 35 years old, not 70.

  5. I consulted my family tree to discover George, born in 1825, had a child named George Karlsberger, born in 1860.

  6. Examined the US Census record of 1900 for George (b. 1860) - was an inmate in the Ohio State Hospital.

  7. Reviewed the newspaper article to discover why George was institutionalized.

Now, I can write a family history story about my great-granduncle and what happened to his son.

Dive into the MyHeritage record collections to see what you may find. After you find a record, please save it to your family tree and/or transfer the information to other online trees, so you have backups.

More Tips for Using MyHeritage

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