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How to Organize Genealogy Discoveries and Training Using Pinterest

Updated 4 February 2021

Genealogy Pinterest boards for how to organize family history on Pinterest

If you’re looking for an easy way to organize your family history resources and research and your family history writing projects, then you should use Pinterest!

Learn how to organize articles, images, resources, and training tips in one place using Pinterest boards that energize and inspire you

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a search engine with visual rather than text-based results with the ability to bookmark your fun finds and add your own discoveries. Additionally, you can keep track of other interests, such as knitting, computer programming, home decor, and funny political memes on separate boards.

For a further explanation of this platform's benefits, check out my blog post, Why Should You Use Pinterest as a Genealogist?

If you need help setting up a Pinterest account, watch this video on YouTube.

Don't Create A Disorganized Mess on Pinterest

I have often said, "If something is important, it should be organized."

When organizing genealogy documents, photos, and other resources, if it takes you longer than a few minutes to lay your hands on what you need, that is wasted time.

With Pinterest, you can easily create the same digital disorganized mess you may have from all the articles, syllabus, and research notes you've curated on your desk.

Let's not do that.

The best way to keep from having a virtual clutter pile on Pinterest involves using boards and subcategories when necessary.

Create Family History Boards on Pinterest

If Pinterest is like a large corkboard full of post-it notes, boards serve as cluster groups as you rearrange those notes for quick reference. Follow these steps to create a board from the list suggested below.

If a board ever becomes too large, you can subdivide it. For instance, if you have a board for online genealogy research tips, you may discover that you want to segment the content to FamilySearch Tips, MyHeritage Tips, and tips for the online databases National Archives.

At a basic level, many of your family history boards will fall into a few general categories:

  • Location-based German, Swedish, Canadian

  • Genealogy research tips: DNA & Genealogy, Writing Family Histories, How to Use FamilySearch, Free Genealogy Websites

  • Reference material: record collections and websites to use while researching

  • Discoveries - Geiszler Genealogy, Fun Newspaper Finds, Family Photos, FamilySearch Discoveries

  • Wish Lists - Books, Conferences, Archival Supplies

  • Research Trip Planning - Library Information, Hotel, Historic Sites, Family Heritage Locations

  • Inspiration: quotes, images, articles

You can save a pin from nearly any website online. Hover over an image on that website to see if a "Save to Pinterest" icon pops up. If it doesn't have a button, you can follow these steps to manually save to your account. Chrome also has a handy extension that makes saving to Pinterest a cinch for all websites.

VIDEO: Pinterest for Genealogists

Starer List of Genealogy Board Ideas

Perhaps you need even more ideas for segmenting links of sites to explore further or consult again. In the video above, I mentioned a start list that you can use for board ideas.

Please do not use all of these categories unless they fit your genealogical activities right now.


-- Census

-- Military

-- Probate

-- Tax

-- City Directories

-- County Histories

-- Oral Histories

-- Location Genealogy (such as Ohio, Canada, Belgium)


-- Printables

-- Templates

-- Check Lists

Genealogy Research Tips & Resources

-- Research Methods

-- Researching Female Ancestors

-- Researching Historic Newspapers

-- Researching Brick Walls

-- Genealogy Proof Standard


-- Free Genealogy Resources

-- Wish List

-- Conferences

-- Genealogy Societies

-- Blogs

-- Videos

-- Books & Magazines

-- Humor & Quotes

Organization Tips

-- Digitizing Photos and Documents

-- Downsizing Family History

Sharing Family History

-- Tips for Sharing Family History

-- Ancestors Stories

-- Family History Crafts

-- Family History Decor

-- Wall Charts

-- Family History + Reunions

-- Family Photos

-- (Surname) of (Location) such as Townleys of New Jersey

Heritage Scrapbooking

-- Supplies

-- Layouts

-- Scrapbooking Tips

-- Digital Scrapbooking Programs

Writing Family Histories -- How to Write Family Histories

-- Tips for Editing Family Histories

-- Tips for Publishing Family Histories

DNA & Genealogy

-- Genetic Genealogy Tests

-- Beginning Genetic Genealogy Research

-- How to Use Gedmatch

-- Genetic Genealogy Videos

-- DNA Research for Adoptee

-- DNA Research for Unknown Parents

Here is a peek at a few of my Pinterest boards.

↪️ Are you looking for more genealogy resources?

Grab your copy of this FREE Genealogy Research Guide:

Fingers typing on keyboard with title 10 Online Genealogy Resources You Have to Try

Does this list generate a lot of other ideas?

This is not an exhaustive list of genealogy and family history related board suggestions, but it should help you get the ideas flowing.

If you have ideas that I have overlooked, leave a comment and let me know.

Screen capture of genealogy pins with title how to organize genealogy on pinterest
Save to Pinterest to remember these board ideas.

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