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Paragraph MISTAKES to Avoid When Writing Family History

Writing is an art. It takes skill and patience to write a compelling family story. However, writers often make some common mistakes, and today, we'll be discussing three of those mistakes.

But don't worry about these mistakes until after you’ve written a first draft of your family story. These tips can help improve your story if you have a story written.

Avoid Writing Long Paragraphs

Don’t write consistently writer long paragraphs. Paragraphs are the building blocks of your writing. However, long paragraphs make your content appear bulky, discouraging your audience from reading. Instead, break your text into small sections that are easy to read, making your content more engaging.

Eliminate Irrelevant Paragraphs

It's crucial to ensure that all the paragraphs are necessary and add value to the overall story. Including sections that don't add value makes your stories dull.

If a paragraph (or two) adds interesting tidbits but doesn’t keep the story focused, break them out into Boxed Text—something we’ve mentioned in a previous post.

Change Paragraphs To Emphasize Scene Changes

Finally, break off and start a new paragraph when the scene changes. A new paragraph is not just breaking off a chunk of text but a new thought or idea. If you start a new paragraph when the scene changes, you avoid confusing your readers, who then lose interest in your story.

Fixing Paragraph Mistakes Makes Your Family History Better

Writing is a skill that requires practice and attention to detail. Remember, these tips to fix the paragraph mistakes in your rough draft, so don’t worry about them until you’ve completed that step.

As you edit your stories, you will become a better writer and keep your audience engaged.

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