Beginning Family Historians Be Warned

Rotten Apples with warning to beginning family historians

No matter when you begin seeking out your family legacy, you have to be warned about what lies ahead. Sure there will be dead ends, tangents, and records you can’t access. Sure, you’ll run into family members who don’t play nicely in the sandbox.

Yet, those aren’t the biggest cautions I would put forth as you and those around you begin on this journey.

I warn you of the bad apples.

VIDEO: How to record sensitive family stories

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In re-watching Relative Race Season One, where Teen Green learned they were related to Ted Bundy, I felt for the couple, but I understood their new relatives' laughter.

Climbing your family tree is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared to find out that your ancestors did not always acquit themselves with the highest moral standards.

Consider the following:

  1. Some cheated.

  2. Some stole.

  3. Some broke hearts.

  4. Some abandoned family.

  5. Some said horrible to loved ones and strangers.

  6. Some were drunks, gamblers, debtors, and more.

  7. Some were racists or owned slaves.

  8. Some were abusive.

  9. Some were criminals.

  10. Some may have committed murder.

We can’t change the past and what relatives on our family tree did. We can only grow from it.

For every bad apple you find, there’s plenty of sweet delicious fruit waiting to be discovered.

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Be ready for these less than stellar relations. It’s okay to be a little surprised. We’re not faulting Heather and Bradley. Just don’t let it stick as something to be afraid of.

Don’t deny or hide your ancestors with morals that don’t align with yours. You don’t have to embrace their actions as your own. Just record them as objectively as you can.

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