Publishing Your Genealogy: From Traditional to Self-Publishing Options

Finding a place to publish your family history book takes little effort. If you choose one of the following family history publishers or print-on-demand services, you’ll find the company that meets your need and a price you can afford.

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In the video above, I highlight a number of these services so you can visualize the possibilities.

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Short Run Book Publishers

  1. Family History Books

  2. Heritage Books

  3. Stories to Tell

  4. Book Baby

Book Crafters

  1. Legacy Books

  2. BYU Family History

  3. Photos, Movies, & More

  4. Pictures & Stories

  5. Family History Publishers

  6. Family Heritage Publishers

Self-Publishing Companies

  1. Blurb

  2. Lulu

Photo Book and Scrapbook Companies

  1. Mixbook --

  2. Shutterfly --

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Imagine the Possibilities of Publishing Your Family History Book

Once you know what services can assist you with publishing your books, it’s time to decide what format you should use to showcase your legacy. For that, I recommend you read this blog post: Types of Family History Books to Publishing.


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