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How to Export from Photoshop Elements and Upload to Shutterfly

Scrapbook design with title photoshop elements to shutterfly

Ever wonder who to transfer your digital scrapbooking layouts designed in Photoshop Elements to a photo book printing company? Recently a reader did wonder and asked if I would explain the steps.

In this video, I take you step-by-step through the process of transferring your scrapbook pages to Shutterfly.

Save Digital Scrapbook Pages In Preparation for Transfering

  1. Complete your digital scrapbook page.

  2. Save the completed file to the native Photoshop Elements format.

  3. Click on File -> Save As

  4. Select the format options and switch to the JPG file type

  5. Type a file name for this JPG image (or keep it the same as the PSE file).

  6. Process all of your scrapbook images

Watch this video on YouTube.

Upload Digital Scrapbook Pages to Shutterfly

  1. Log in to Shutterfly

  2. Select the Digi Scrap Template (or a blank book template)

  3. Click on Add Photos.

  4. Drag and Drop JPG files for your scrapbook.

  5. Arrange Photos in Scrapbook:

    1. Attempt to use Autofill; however, you will likely have to select the single page full-page layout option for every image

    2. Manually add images after selecting the full-page, single-image layout.

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