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  • Why Downsizing Tips Don’t Work

    Should you throw out a Family Bible that documents your slaveholding ancestors? County Genealogist Societies State Archives and Libraries University Special Collections in the area the ancestor Ethnic History Museums in the area her ancestor lived or any ethnic history museum in the US.

  • Brick Wall and Inferential Genealogy

    I have an ancestor John Townley who migrated from New Jersey to Cincinnati, Ohio. Inferential genealogy, as defined on the FamilySearch Wiki, is “how family historians can accurately deduce ancestors

  • Stop Thinking Nobody Cares About Your Family History

    I know because my ancestors’ stories are some of my greatest treasures. Stop Letting Celebrities and “Winners” Get all the Press How we and our ancestors handle the challenges Let’s stop letting the well-known celebrities have books dedicated to their stories and their ancestors

  • How to Evaluate a Find A Grave Memorial for Genealogy Research

    details and the question you have to ask yourself is, “What information is the most reliable for my ancestor full of errors, then everything else on a user-contributed memorial page, often created long after our ancestors

  • 7 Ideas for Preserving Old Diaries

    If your ancestor wrote a faith-promoting journal or diary documenting numerous members of a religion ever damaged beyond repair, you and others can have a digital copy of the personal writings of your ancestors

  • Nick Jonas Interview Reveals Why Family Histories Should Include Many Perspectives

    When writing a family history, you’ll ask for memories about a shared ancestor.

  • Analyze Your Research - A Skill Every Genealogist Needs

    research, ask yourself the following questions: What sources provide the evidence for facts about my ancestor

  • How to Self-Publish Your Genealogy Books

    I’ve completed two family history stories – one about my PaPa Lew and one about my German immigrant ancestor They love sharing the stories of our common ancestors with their children. encouraged many others to capture and preserve their stories through scrapbooking and/or writing their ancestor

  • Why You Don’t Need a Genealogy Research Log to Be a Great Genealogist

    computer throughout high school and college, I began doing genealogy in the early days of Personal Ancestral

  • How to Handle False Family Legends in Family Histories

    Your Family History Family Historians Should Avoid Presentism 5 Tips for Writing About Your Immigrant Ancestor Write About a Missing Father in Your Family History How to Write a Family Story When You Have a Boring Ancestor

  • Creating Surname Tables for DNA Research

    The gaps belong to my German pond hopping ancestors who left little ties to their homeland so far as

  • How to Write About a Missing Father in Your Family History

    When writing about an ancestor, we start by including their parents. When attempting to record ‘who’s the daddy’ of your ancestor, who should you include? When writing about your ancestor, it’s essential to include the family context to the narrative. Sign up for our newsletter and receive the free Writing Guide: 5 Steps to Quickly Write About Your Ancestors

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