Andy and Devon Noel Lee have created video lectures and books (eBooks or print) to help you along your journey. At this time, many products are purchased at different sites (Vimeo, Hack Genealogy, or Amazon). 

A Recipe for Writing Family History Books
Reimagine FamilyHistory Beginning Family History Book
DNA Q&A Genetic Genealogy Book
Power Scrapbooking Book
Family History Scrapbooking Simplified Book
From Metal to Rhinestones: A Quest for the Crown Memoir
How to Fail English With Style Memoir
Pass your history on eBook
Preserve the Perishabe eBook

Book combos save you money!

US customers receive FREE SHIPPING and the authors will sign the books (if you wish). 

Beginnng Family History Book Como
Best Selling Family History How-To Books
Power Scrapbooking Combo
Webinar Replays

The following webinars can be watched on replay via Hack Genealogy. 

Power Scrapbooking  Webinar

Process years worth of photos and memories following the Power Scrapbooking Method. And learn how easy it is to use to create your photo books.

3-hour course with handouts. ​

Cemetery Research webinar

Learn how to take better photographs in the cemetery, even if you're a beginner level photographer. Then, walk through a cemetery mystery to learn who two unrelated men are buried in a strangers plot.


3-hour course with handouts. 


Our books are available at


To learn more about each book, click the cover.

Having trouble making a DNA triangulation table? Andy can make you one if you have taken a DNA test and have your results on Each table usually has 15-35 groups of your most closely matched connections. Use this to know which matches you should try and contact first.

DNA Triangulation Table
On-Demand Webinars

The following videos are available through our Vimeo Store

DNA After the Test  webinar

Have you taken a DNA test and want to know what to do next? Do you want to find out what genetic genealogy is all about and how it can help you?


5-hour course with handouts. ​

Digitizing Grandma's Stuff  webinar

Do you have a home full of photos, papers, and family treasures? Learn how to digitize them to preserve your family history.

1-hour course with handouts. ​

What is Family History  webinar

New to family history and not exactly sure what it is? Learn the brief history of what it is not, so you can know what is family history.

DNA Trianglulation Table
Heritage Scrapbooking Simplified  webinar

What goes into a Heritage Scrapbook and how do you make it lovely? This webinar points you in the right direction!


1-hour course with handouts. ​

Blogging Your Family History webinar

Do you want to share your family history a story at a time? Have you tried online or off-line blogging? Learn more!


1-hour course with handouts. ​

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