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Declutter Why Preserving Your Legacy

DOWNSIZING WITH FAMILY HISTORY IN MIND An action focused how-to downsize book that orients you to decluttering why preserving your genealogy research and family treasure.

Write a Family History Quickly

A RECIPE FOR WRITING FAMILY HISTORY Discover the fastest way to write a family history that won't bore your family members.

Your DNA Questions Answered

DNA Q&A Real questions from real people about genetic genealogy and the answers you need to understand DNA research.

Do Genealogy With a Better Purpose

REIMAGINE FAMILY HISTORY Ignite or reignite your family history fire by knowing what you can do and then working on the tasks that bring you the most joy.

BOOK BUNDLE Order the signed copies of the overview of family history, basics of DNA, and fastest writing methodology books for beginning researchers. $30* *US customers receive FREE SHIPPING.

Create a Family History Treasure

FAMILY HISTORY SCRAPBOOKING SIMPLIFIED How do you tell a visual ancestor's story that your relatives will treasure for years to come? Discover what to put into a family history scrapbook.

Quickly Capture Your Family Memories

POWER SCRAPBOOKING Get caught up on your memory keeping storytelling by following the process that will take you from a stack of photos to a finished scrapbook in little to no time.

Save on Scrapbooking Training

Order the signed copies of two most popular scrapbooking books for family historians. $20* *US customers receive FREE SHIPPING

Turn Your Letters Into a Memoir

HOW TO FAIL ENGLISH WITH STYLE A humorous exploration of High School English assignments and a intellectually rebellious youth who proves 20 years later that he didn't need it some day.

A Self-Discovery Story in Pageantry

FROM METAL TO RHINESTONES: A Quest for the Crown A self-discovery story set in Texas during the big hair pageant days and one fashionably clueless teenager's desire to be in the winner's circle.

Family History Services

The goal of Family History Fanatics is teaching you how to understand your DNA and write your ancestor's story. Sometimes, there are services you would rather outsource. We offer the following services.

DNA Triangulation Table

If you wish to determine clusters of relationships, a triangulation table helps you recognize groups of DNA matches that are likely from the same ancestors.


If you have taken a DNA test and have your results on, we can generate a table that usually has 15-35 groups of your most closely matched connections. Then use this to know which matches you should contact first.

Writing Services

If you have researched your ancestor and want to tell their story, provide the documents and resources to Devon Noel Lee and she'll provide you with a manuscript that follows the recipe for writing a family history. 

Many projects take about 10 hours depending on the material provided and any additional research conducted by the writer. Contact for pricing.

On-Demand Webinars

Enjoy virtual education on your schedule. The following pre=recorded videos are available through our Vimeo Store. Click on the images below to purchase the course that's right for you.

An Intro to Family History

An Intro to Family History

New to family history and not exactly sure what it is? Learn the brief history of what it is not, so you can know what is family history. FREE with code FHF-FREE

Next Steps After a Test

Next Steps After a Test

Discover what to do after you take a DNA test to find more relatives and ancestors. This 5-hour course comes with a 20-page handout. ​ $39.99

Blog Your Family History

Blog Your Family History

Do you want to share your family history without writing a book? In this 1-hour course you'll discover your options have receive topic suggestions. $9.99

Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Discover how to assemble a story to share your family history and make it visually appealing. $9.99

Digitally Save Your Legacy

Digitally Save Your Legacy

Preserve your household full of photos, papers, and family treasures by following these techniques and principles to digitize them to preserve your family history. $9.99


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