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From books to on-demand training, to virtual events and writing services, we have you covered. 

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Family History Services

The goal of Family History Fanatics is teaching you how to understand your DNA and write your ancestor's story. Sometimes, there are services you would rather outsource. We offer the following services.

DNA Triangulation Table

If you wish to determine clusters of relationships, a triangulation table helps you recognize groups of DNA matches that are likely from the same ancestors.


If you have taken a DNA test and have your results on, we can generate a table that usually has 15-35 groups of your most closely matched connections. Then use this to know which matches you should contact first.

Writing Services

If you have researched your ancestor and want to tell their story, provide the documents and resources to Devon Noel Lee and she'll provide you with a manuscript that follows the recipe for writing a family history. 


Many projects take about 10 hours depending on the material provided and any additional research conducted by the writer. Contact for pricing.

On-Demand Webinars

Enjoy virtual education on your schedule. The following pre=recorded videos are available through our Vimeo Store. Click on the images below to purchase the course that's right for you.

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