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Improve Writing Skills By Serving the US World War II Fallen - Stories Behind The Stars

If you've wanted to delve into the world of writing family histories, consider volunteering for a project that makes the process easy and offers a tremendous service to people across the United States?

In a recent conversation with Don Milne, the founder, and director of Stories Behind the Stars, we discussed his passion project and how we can contribute by writing stories to honor the fallen World War II heroes.

The Mission of Stories Behind the Stars

When asked about the mission of Stories Behind the Stars, Don explained that his organization aims to remember and share the stories of all the people who lost their lives during World War II.

It's important to honor and remember these soldiers, even though many years have passed. Don pointed out that the real heroes are the ones who never returned home. It's a great mission, and I'm glad to support it!

Making Cemeteries a Living Tribute with Interactive Experiences

The Stories Behind the Stars project is significant for the genealogy and history community. It ensures that no one is left behind and honors the brave souls who gave their lives during World War II. This cause has sparked a sense of urgency to contribute to the project.

Furthermore, the project provides an innovative and interactive way to pay homage to the fallen through a mobile app that enables visitors to read the stories of servicemen and women at their gravesites. This unique approach transforms every cemetery into a living tribute to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

By telling their stories, we can ensure that their memory lives on and that future generations have a deeper understanding of the bravery and sacrifices made during this critical period in history.

Overcoming Writing Obstacles

For many aspiring writers, the lack of formal training can be a hurdle to storytelling. However, Don's story proves that dedication and passion can overcome any obstacle.

A former finance professional deeply interested in history, Don started small by writing short stories during his lunch breaks. As he shared his work with others, he found that even brief stories could captivate readers and generate interest.

With time, Don's writing skills improved, and he began dedicating more time to research and writing longer stories. He also recognized the importance of crafting shorter stories that could be easily consumed on smartphones and understanding his audience.

These stories resemble the 600-word biographical sketches I mentioned on this blog.

Don's experience reminds everyone to start somewhere and that sharing our writing with others can lead to incredible journeys.

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Training Resources for Story Behind the Stars Writers

Stories Behind the Stars is an excellent resource for those interested in honoring fallen heroes through storytelling. Their website offers beginner-friendly training and tools to write compelling obituary-style essays. For instance, the Star Corps Boot Camp is an excellent starting point for beginners.

Additionally, an advanced course is also available with helpful tips on research and writing. By following these guidelines, volunteers can ensure their stories are accurate, respectful, and impactful.

Once the stories are completed, volunteers can submit them to Stories Behind the Stars for review and publication. The organization has a dedicated team of editors who carefully review each submission to ensure accuracy and adherence to the project's guidelines.

Once approved, the stories are published on the Stories Behind the Stars website, making them accessible to readers worldwide.

Join the Stories Behind the Stars Project and Make a Lasting Impact

So, if you have a passion for writing, a love for history, and a desire to honor those who gave their lives for their country, consider joining the Stories Behind the Stars project.

Through this meaningful initiative, you can make a lasting impact by preserving the legacies of World War II veterans and ensuring that their stories are never forgotten.

Start your journey today and become a part of this incredible project that celebrates the lives of the unsung heroes of our past.

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