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Webinar - Ethically Writing Your Family History

As we delve into our family history, we inevitably encounter numerous ethical genealogy challenges. It is a delicate balancing act to write about sensitive topics while maintaining the authenticity and accuracy of our ancestral narratives.

To aid genealogists in navigating these complexities, watch this informative webinar with practical tips to help you Ethically Writing Family Histories.

This free webinar aims to equip passionate historians like you with the necessary knowledge and techniques to weave an accurate and ethically sound family saga, ensuring that your narratives resonate with truth and respect.

Key topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Privacy concerns and navigating the boundaries of disclosure

  • Addressing taboo or controversial subjects with sensitivity

  • Debunking some myths related to writing in an ethical fashion

The primary goal of this webinar is to equip genealogists with the necessary knowledge and skills to write accurate and ethically sound family histories.

With this knowledge, you'll be prepared to write and publish your genealogies right away.

Start Ethically Writing Your Family History Now

Watch this free webinar now to learn how to write family histories that bridge generations while maintaining authenticity and integrity. Preserve the truth and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

The one-hour recording of " Ethically Writing Family Histories" is available on the Write Your Family History Channel.

A webinar handout is linked in the description box.

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