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Best Chromosome Browser: 23andMe Vs. MyHeritage

Who has a better chromosome browser 23andMe or Myheritgage

Which genetic genealogy company has the best chromosome browser? MyHeritage DNA or 23andMe?

In this video, I compare the capabilities of the chromosome browsers available through 23andMe and MyHeritage. Enjoy this fun point-by-point view of each company.

How do the chromosome browsers on 23andMe and MyHeritage compare?

I’ve been using the 23andMe chromosome browser since 2013 when I had my first DNA test. I’ll admit, I’ve got a little bit of a bias towards them. But, I’m going to compare these two companies as objectively as possible.

What is a chromosome browser?

A chromosome browser allows you to see the specific matching autosomal DNA segments for yourself compared to your DNA match list. You’ll see how much DNA you have in common with your genetic matches.

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Criteria for Evaluating the 23andMe and MyHeritage Chromosome Browsers

  1. How many people can you compare together in a chromosome browser instead?

  2. Which DNA tests can you compare using a chromosome browser?

  3. Which chromosome browser identifies full and/or half identical regions?

  4. Can you download segment data from 23andMe and MyHeritage?

  5. Which company displays X chromosome information?

Watch the video to see who wins, but…

Even though the video determines a winner, don’t exclude using the other DNA testing company. I use both of these websites in my genetic genealogy research.

23andMe and MyHeritage have different research tools that have their advantages. They each have their disadvantages

If you have not tried out either 23andMe or MyHeritage, then log into those websites and try out their tools.

Video: 23andMe vs MyHeritage - Who has the better chromosome browser

Watch this video on YouTube.

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