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How to Follow Blogs and Videos in One Place With Feedly

The internet is filled with great content that can help us laugh, learn, and so much more, but I have wondered if it were possible to follow blogs and YouTube videos in one place. Yes! Feedly is the answer.

In this video, I show you how to find the RSS Feed URL for a YouTube channel, such as Family History Fanatics, and how you can add that link to a feed reader, such as Feedly.

VIDEO: Find the RSS Feed to follow blogs and youtube channels

Watch this video on YouTube.

Soon you’ll be able to access your favorite blogs and YouTube videos from one place! This is a life-hack that you’ll be thrilled to use.

Why I Use a Feed Reader to Follow Genealogy Blogs and YouTube Channels

I LOVE YouTube videos and reading blog posts about genealogy but following my favorite channels and writers has become a pain in the neck.

I can’t rely on Social Media to remind me when a new video or post is released. Not all channels and blog authors have mailing lists to notify me of new releases.

I searched for a year to find a solution only to discover the answer involves, a tool I’ve used since Google Reader ended in 2013!

Te Feedly feed reader allows us to YouTube channels alongside blogs. If I don’t log into Feedly for a week, I can see up to 15 of the latest videos so I never miss another episode! How cool is that?

But first I had to figure out how to find the RSS Feed for a YouTube Channel.

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Finding an RSS feed for YouTube

Finding the RSS feed is a little difficult, but the video linked above simplifies the process.

I did need to find the foundation for the URL formula for the YouTube RSS feed. It looks like this:

Then I need to add the channel ID for a YouTube Channel, such as this one for Family History Fanatics UCmkKepHoafldMRZ4UNt0Akw

When I put the channel ID with the RSS Feed Url base, I’ll have a link that looks like this:

Don’t click on that link as it’s a bunch of code. Instead, copy it and put it in Feedly (or info reader) and you can then opt-in to following the YouTube channel.

Learn how to follows blogs and videos in one place using the RSS Feed and Feedly

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