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The Best Genealogy Gift of 2023

Do you have genealogists on your gift giving list?

What the heck do you give them that will be meaningful?

Well, genealogy is a rather expensive hobby, which might explain why few people participate in it.

My number one suggestion for the genealogists on your Christmas shopping list is SUBSCRIPTIONS.

These may include:

Some of these subscriptions are around $200-400. Others are about $50.

If a subscription is too expensive for your budget, consider pooling resources for other family members.

Treat that aunt, mother, brother, or other family history fanatic that climbs your family tree to a subscription and see what successes they can have. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What Do You Want for Christmas?

If you’re a genealogist and want a Christmas subscription, leave a comment about which one you wish your family would gift you.

And if there is a genealogy subscription that I didn’t include on the list but I should, please share that with me in the comments.

Treat Yourself

Take advantage of our free genealogy and genetic genealogy research guides.

Free genealogy research guides

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