Get Your Genealogy Organized In Short Bursts

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Are you tired of being disorganized when it comes to family files and genealogical records? There are a number of tasks that you can do to become more organized at any time of the year, instead of always waiting for “spring cleaning.”

The best tip is to clear the clutter. There is no point in organizing outdated, wrong, or duplicate information it just takes up more space than necessary so declutter, Declutter, DECLUTTER!

Ideally, pare down, to only original documents that no one else has and anything you need for a current research project. Discard printed copies of census records as they are easily retrievable on at least four different websites.

If a birth, marriage, or death record is online, discard these from your collection for your most distant relatives and for projects you are not actively working on.

Keep your family history archive pared down and it might keep it organized! Here is a list of additional organization tasks that you can do in 15-minutes or 15-minute segments.

  1. Label the photos with archival pens

  2. Gather documents, memorabilia, and photos from all the stashes around the house

  3. Sort a box of old photos into similar images

  4. Sort a stack of images chronologically

  5. Transcribe part of relative’s interview

  6. Enter data for three names into your genealogical software database program

  7. Record your proof statements/analysis in an online tree, blog post, or desktop database

  8. Record the bigger story for photos and memorabilia

  9. Add sources to databases

  10. Add new discoveries to databases

  11. Respond to one genealogy-related email

The benefit of having your record collection organized are multi-faceted. One of the advantages is it helps you do more research and go further than you’ve ever done before.

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Additionally, you will make discoveries that were hidden because your genealogy was disorganized. The other benefit has to do with inheritance. Organized genealogical research has a greater chance of survival because those who inherit don’t have to make heads or tails of it all.

If your genealogy is a mess, just know the dumpster is calling your research’s name. Don’t let your research end up in the trash after you died because you didn’t organize your files.

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Which organizational task are you going to accomplish this week? Leave me a message in the comments below. A little accountability never hurt anyone!

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