How to Use for Genealogy Research helps you find opportunities in your genealogy research to expand your family tree. Puzzilla is a free tool that works with to help you locate branches on your family tree that need some help.

What is

Puzzilla is a hyper-condensed visual family tree. It lacks photos and dates in the primary graphic. The power of Puzzilla is in showing you the big picture of your family tree and it’s overall structure. This FamilySearch approved third-party tool helps you find more possible paths of discovery.

In this video, Caleb shows how to access the Ancestor View and the Descendant’s View on Puzzilla and where research opportunities may appear.

Watch this video on YouTube.

Soon you’ll navigate through your massive family tree and find new places to research which may lead to new names for your branches.

Can You Use Puzzilla on Other Genealogy Websites

It seems that Puzzilla works only with and not other genealogy websites. Most users of Puzzilla are looking for new names to add to their tree to do ordinance work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

HOWEVER, don’t let that initial aim stop you. When you need a new challenge in your research, then Puzzilla can help you find overlooked opportunities.

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How Much Does Puzzilla Cost For Genealogy Clues?

To see the quick chart of ancestors or descendants throughout your family tree, you can view that for free on Puzzilla with your FamilySearch account.

If you want to use Puzzilla as an expanded genealogy research tool (more than what we share in the video), then the subscription is about $40. You’ll gain access to notifications about:

  1. Potential historical records that may help add a new person to the family tree (Think suggestion, rather than a hint.)

  2. Historical record hints, available on FamilySearch, featuring the selected person.

  3. Sources connected to the selected person on FamilySearch.

  4. Possible duplicate profiles of the selected person on FamilySearch.

  5. Available Ordinances, a feature for LDS user accounts.

To check for current subscription rates and additional features, click

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