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When you use, you can gather articles and entries you discover about your ancestors into a clippings file. Since is a subsidiary of, the coolest feature is that you can then save those newspaper clippings to your Ancestry tree.

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Finding newspaper clippings on is pretty cool. Thus far, I have found 100 articles and I have still not exhausted all the family members on my trees!

Newspaper Clipping Files

Transferring your Newspaper Clippings to Ancestry

1. Open a newspaper clipping that you want to transfer to

2. Click on the “Save to Ancestry button”

3. Select the Tree and Name of Person to Attach Clipping To

4. Complete the Form

Add the date, place, and information about the clipping. You can opt to have the clipping appear on the LifeStory timeline. You can also use the “Link to another person” link to attach the same story to multiple persons (as in the case of an obituary or wedding announcement).

Start Transferring Your Newspaper Clippings Now!

It’s really easy and helps you corral all of your findings in one place! You can then download these media items and the source citations into your genealogy software programs with a few clicks with your mouse. How cool is that?

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