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Use Puzzilla with FamilySearch to Find Genealogy Research Ideas

Puzzilla Fan Chart: How to research family tree

If your family tree on FamilySearch is larger than you can visualize, then Puzzilla can help. helps you find opportunities in your genealogy research to expand your family tree.

What is Puzzilla?

Puzzilla is a hyper-condensed visual family tree that lacks photos and dates. The power of Puzzilla is in showing you the big picture of your FamilySearch family tree and its overall structure.

The goal of the platform is to find new places to research, which may lead to new names for your branches.

In this video, Caleb shows how to access the Ancestor View and the Descendant’s View on Puzzilla and where research opportunities may appear.

VIDEO: How to find genealogy research opportunities with Puzzilla

Soon you’ll navigate through your massive family tree and find new places to research, which may lead to new names for your branches.

What Are the Benefits of Using Puzzilla?

The primary benefit of Puzzilla focusing on quickly charting your ancestor's descendants throughout your family tree. There is no cost to view a multi-generation spiked tree with lines and nodes after you log in with your FamilySearch account.

You can click on each node to view details about your ancestors as they appear on the FamilySearch family tree.

For added benefits, you can subscribe to the premium features and gain access to:

  1. Potential historical records

  2. Historical record hints

  3. Possible duplicate profiles of the selected person on FamilySearch.

  4. Available Ordinances, a feature for LDS user accounts.

To check for current subscription rates and additional features, click

↪️ Are you looking for more genealogy resources?

Grab your copy of this FREE Genealogy Research Guide:

Fingers typing on keyboard with title 10 Online Genealogy Resources You Have to Try

Can You Use Puzzilla on Other Genealogy Websites?

Puzzilla works only with Thus, it does not work on Ancestry, Findmypast, MyHeritage, or other genealogy websites. Most users of Puzzilla are looking for new names to add to their tree to do ordinance work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

HOWEVER, don’t let that initial aim stop you. When you face genealogy brick walls or want a new spot on your family tree to research, this freemium website can help you find overlooked opportunities.

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