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Heritage Scrapbooking: Same Content, Different Layouts

Digital scrapbooking simplifies the storytelling process. Once you create one scrapbook layout using photos and journaling, you can easily duplicate the page. Tweak the colors and the journaling to fit another color scheme, and you can quickly create multiple stories from the same pictures.

World War II Scrapbook Layout

Creating family history scrapbooks is AWESOME because, with a few changes to the previous design, I can change the layout's perspective. I can switch out the journaling, so it features a different ancestor's viewpoint.

And voila! New page design, minimal effort.

Peach colored heritage scrapbook page with cropped medal

Peach colored heritage scrapbook page

Credits: background – A Narrative (Scrap Girls); tab, ribbon – Hello, Aunty; flowers – Spa Holiday; VFW pin – Devon Lee; button – Mother May I

Regrouping and Recoloring Can Change the Story of a Scrapbook Page

Now, some people would have changed the color scheme when creating a second scrapbook. I regrouped things to tell a slightly different story.

I clustered photos of Lew going off to war and then things that dealt with motherhood and love on the opposite page. This arrangement helps me emphasize Louise in the peach layout and Lewis in the Americana-themed scrapbook page.

Go Digital and Make More Scrapbooks

By either changing the colors of a page or rearranging elements, you can use the same content and make multiple different heritage scrapbook pages.

Have fun telling your ancestor's stories.

If you need more help developing the content for a family history scrapbook, check out my book Family History Scrapbooking Simplified, available through Amazon.

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