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Writing Family History Quickly: Unleash Your Creativity with Story Projects

Are you constantly pressed for time but still want to document your family history? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you're not alone.

Many of us lead busy lives, making it challenging to find the time to delve into our family's rich past. However, don't despair.

In a recent interview with Brenda Hudson of Voiced Life, I learned several creative approaches that enable you to write your family history in under 30 minutes. Prepare to be inspired and equipped.

To watch the full interview, click here.

Writing Family History Quickly Begins With Story Projects

Brenda's expertise lies in facilitating writing workshops and empowering individuals to share their unique experiences. Her book, "Story by Story: 15 Projects to Write Your Family Legacy," has guided countless writers on their path to storytelling success.

Her strategy for quickly writing family histories is "story projects." Story projects can help you write impactful vignettes about your life. These projects are designed to be completed within 30 minutes or less, making them ideal for busy individuals who crave efficiency without compromising quality.


Imagine a diving pool, and picture yourself enthusiastically springing into the water. That's precisely what "Springboards" offer—a starting point to confidently jump into writing. These prompts, whether in the form of questions or statements, ignite your creativity and set the tone for a captivating tale.

Captured Moments

Sometimes, the most significant moments in our lives remain unrecorded by photographs. However, they reside vividly in our minds as "Captured Moments."

Brenda encourages you to recall these profound instances, harnessing the power of your senses to craft engaging narratives. Whether it's the aroma of freshly baked cookies or the touch of a loved one's hand, these moments hold immense storytelling potential.

Stepping Stones

"Stepping Stones" are the pivotal moments that alter the course of our lives. These instances can be triggered by external influences or personal experiences, both big and small.

Brenda emphasizes that they need not always be monumental events but can include subtle realizations that reshape our perspectives. By exploring these transformative milestones, you better understand your personal journey.

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Putting into Practice: A Magazine Changed My Life

To illustrate the effectiveness of these story projects, Brenda walked me through the steps of writing family history quickly.

One of my first tasks was to title my story.

I chose "How a Magazine Article Changed My Life."

Brenda then gave me tips to turn that title into a story. You can listen to the initial story by watching this video.

Overall, I felt this exercise provides valuable guidance on how to get started and overcome the initial hurdles that often plague aspiring writers.

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