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Use MyHeritage Records to Quickly Write the Story of Your Ancestors

A genealogy writing webinar using MyHeritage records

Do you wish you could write a family history but you struggle getting started? Using the records on MyHeritage and a few simple writing techniques, you can write your family history today!

Webinar Description

By finding a wide range of genealogy records, you can discover the story that fills in the dash between birth and death dates. Then you can transform that information into an enjoyable story for your relatives to read.

Watch as I walk you through how to find records on MyHeritage and turn those records into sentences. Then you can turn those sentences into stories.

View the Recording on Legacy Family Tree Webinars

The one-hour recording of "Use MyHeritage Records to Quickly Discover and Write the Story of Your Ancestors" is available to view for free through Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

To access the webinar and the handout, follow this link then clicking on this link Use MyHeritage Records to Quickly Discover and Write the Story of Your Ancestors.

You shouldn't be charged for this webinar, so please enjoy it.

Reviews of Devon Noel Lee's Writing Webinar

  • "Absolutely the best webinar ~ thank you! Excellent syllabus with extensive resources~ extremely useful. Wonderful reminder: write what you can, when can. I wrote my first Ancestor Profile for my paternal grandparents who died when their children were teenagers. Posted it on their wedding anniversary complete with a photograph that I edited/colorized thanks to My Heritage. It was amazing what holes I found in my research while compiling their story! I feel like I've just started a three-day in-person workshop for writing MY family history...and it was for FREE! Thanks, Devon Noel Lee and My Heritage. Just what I need after fifty years of research!" - Laurie McNamara Hinds

  • "I've been watching lots of webinars recently on how to present my research and was leaning towards writing stories for each individual ancestor, but didn't actually know how or where to begin. This webinar broke down the process into easy to follow steps and illuminated my understanding. I wrote my very first story the next day! Thank you Legacy Webinars for all the wonderful teachers and topics you make available. And a special thanks to Devon Lee for jumpstarting the way I'm going to present the stories of my ancestors." - Lynette Kay

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