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Googling Your Way to Great Genealogy Research Discoveries

Laptop with Google Home Screen and title Googling your genealogy

Googling your genealogy can help you find a bevy of discoveries with a few simple clicks and keystrokes. Take full advantage of these tips from a genealogy gem of an expert.

I had the honor of interviewing Lisa Louise Cooke, host of the Genealogy Gems podcast about her book: The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox -- 2nd Edition Updated for 2019.

Originally this book was published in 2011 with an updated second edition released in 2015. Lisa shares her process for developing the book and why each edition has something new and special for genealogists.

During the interview, she revealed her favorite innovation from Google. Since I know it will drive you crazy if you don’t know the answer, here’s the link to the interview.

Video: Interview of Lisa Louise Cooke on How to Google Your Genealogy

Watch this video on YouTube.

Lisa then discusses five Google resources that she uses in her genealogy research.

  1. Google Photos

  2. Google Earth

  3. Google Scholar

  4. Google Patents

  5. Google Books

I especially loved how she shared some tips on how to keep yourself safe while googling her genealogy, especially with photos. She hasn’t shared these tips anywhere else that I’m aware, so you’ll definitely want to check them out.

One thing you’ll enjoy in this interview will be the mini-demos. As Lisa shared a topic of explained a resource, I added a walk-through of the service. You’ll want to check that out if you, like me, learn through visual demonstrations.

↪️ Are you looking for more genealogy resources?

Grab your copy of this FREE Genealogy Research Guide:

Fingers typing on keyboard with title 10 Online Genealogy Resources You Have to Try

Be sure to watch the full video as you’ll learn as much as I did from Lisa Louise Cooke. You’ll find a link to her book on her website. (BTW. Amazon has the 2nd edition from 2015. Only Lisa’s shop has the version updated for 2019.)

And, if you missed it, Lisa interviewed me about Downsizing Tips for Family Historians on her podcast. Visit this webpage to access episode 234.

Laptop with Google on the screen. With Googling Your Genealogy below.

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