10 Genealogists to Follow on Pinterest

If you have ever wondered, “what genealogists are active on Pinterest and who should I follow?”, then you have found the best blog post ever.

Okay, it may be a stretch to say best blog post ever, but below you’ll find a reference list for which genealogists you should follow on Pinterest.

10 Genealogists With Active Pinterest Accounts You Should Follow Now!

These are some of my favorite accounts that share tips, tricks, strategies, bargains, and inspiration. Each time I see their pins, I know the content will be great, even if not relevant to me (such as the Swedish genealogist).

Explore this list of my favorite 10 must-follow genealogy accounts on Pinterest! (In no particular order

  1. Lisa Lisson, Are You My Cousin?

  2. Boundless Genealogy

  3. Amy Johnson Crow

  4. Legacy Tree Genealogist

  5. Fuzzy Ink Stationery

  6. GenealogyBank

  7. Annika Höstmad

  8. Treasure Chest Of Memories

  9. Nicole Dyer -- FamilyLocket

  10. The Occasional Genealogist

You will be in family history heaven when you check out these ten active genealogy pinners who make finding content on this visual search engine a cinch.

Follow the Family History Fanatics on Pinterest

Now, we don’t follow ourselves and it would be shameless to include our names in the ten genealogists to follow Pinterest.

However, we’d love to make your top eleven list, so here’s a link to our account. www.pinterest.com/FamilyHistoryFanatics

Basics of Pinterest

Watch this video.

If you’re unsure how to get started creating an account or finding content for your Pinterest boards, check out these links:

  1. Why use Pinterest for Genealogy (and how to set up an account)

  2. How to Organize Your Genealogy Discoveries

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