Choose a Color Scheme for a Whole Heritage Scrapbook Project

Updated 14 January 2021

Choosing colors for a heritage scrapbook shouldn't be difficult. Determine your project's theme, and then choose a palette that gives you the freedom to cover multiple topics.

If you need to, borrow this color palette for your heritage scrapbook for a female ancestor.

Peach and Green Palette for a Feminine Vintage Scrapbook

A heritage scrapbook is a visual window to the past of your family's legacy.

While my grandmother is spunky, she has many old family photos with black and white or sepia hues. They cross into the color photo formats of the 1970s and eights.

When choosing the best color palette, I didn't choose the traditional heritage scrapbook colors of browns and tans. She married a Brown, but that doesn't mean they don't like color.

As such, this muted color-tone palette gave me a lot of options, plus a splash of color for my vibrant grandmother to reflect her personality.

With a feminine color palette in mind, I searched my supplies. While Pixel Scrapper has many great kits that fit this scheme, I went to my stash of supplies and chose these discontinued collections by Coreen Silke.

The colors are not exact to my chosen palette but close enough to create a cohesive album.

How a Few Kits Can Create Multiple Scrapbook Layouts

Once I had a set of papers and embellishments in my chosen color scheme, I could quickly decorate my Grannie's album. Thus creating a treasure to remember the woman who died in 2012 after her adopted parents were told she wouldn't live much past her first birthday in 1920.

Cover of My Grandmother's album

Family Tree Scrapbook page

Birth documents and photos for scrapbook - Left Page

Photo timeline for baby girl born in 1920
  • Scrapbook Advice Tip: You can use no journaling on a Heritage Scrapbook Layout when the opposite page has much text. The photo above goes with the one featuring the birth certificates and text.

Childhood scrapbook layout for photos circa late 1920s

Parent's layout for "This is Your Life" scrapbook

Heritage Scrapbook Page for Mother in the 1930s
  • Scrapbook Advice Tip: You can add photos from different times in one layout when they support a theme. Perhaps "Mother" - photos from across her life. Parenting - photos of a couple with their children throughout their life.

Vintage Scrapbook One Page Layout About a Grandpa

Heritage Scrapbook page with yellow and green papers

Teenage in the 1930s - vintage photos with splash of color.

Vintage newlywed photos from the 1940s

Second page of vintage newlywed photos

Layout for Women at Home During World War II (left page)

Women at Home During World War II (right page)

Heritage Scrapbook Back cover featuring keepsakes

Have Fun Using Color In Your Genealogy Scrapbooks

Hopefully, this heritage collection of scrapbook layouts will inspire you to scrap your family history.

Play with color schemes until you find one that makes a cohesive album.

Then, focus on the photos and stories, you will be successful in preserving your family memories.

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