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    • Utilizing FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Hints for Genealogy Research

      Tree-to-tree hints on FindMyPast are a new tool to help you to compare your tree with others. FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Privacy Practices The one thing that makes FindMyPast different is that they definitely emphasize privacy. Accepting a FindMyPast Tree-to-Tree Hint If the FindMyPast Tree tree-to-tree suggestions pan out, then accept it. Just be careful that you consider FindMyPast tree-to-tree hints as clues. Continue Learning About FindMyPast Review the following blogs and videos for more tips about FindMyPast FindMyPast Family Tree: How to Easily Build Your Online Tree How to Save Genealogy Gedcom Files Easily: Simplify Transfers to Online Trees More Online Genealogy Research Tips Read More About #FindMyPast #onlinegenealogy

    • How to Easily Build Your Family Tree on FindMyPast

      If you don’t have your family tree on FindMyPast, you’re missing out on really great genealogy research tools In this video, I walk you through the process of how to build your tree on FindMyPast. What is FindMyPast? FindMyPast Fridays announce new records added every week. Instead, you can upload a GEDCOM file to FindMyPast. Continue Learning About FindMyPast Review the following blog posts for more tips about FindMyPast Tree to Tree Hinting on FindMyPast The Latest Updates from FindMyPast Read More About #beginninggenealogytips #FindMyPast #onlinegenealogy

    • Clues on an Ancestor’s Death Record - Genealogy Brick Wall Research

      According to a terrific blog post on FindMyPast, "it's often best (in genealogy) to work backward, starting with the most recent events moving to the more distant."

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