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10 Ways to Share Your Family History

vintage photos and letters with title 10 ways to share your family history

Who doesn’t want to generate more interest in their research among their family members?

I’ve contacted different family members for years, asking them to share family photos, documents, and stories with me. They seem willing and ask, “what do you want to know?” Those seem like golden words, but they’re not. Or at least, I sometimes fail to convert a willingness to help into the desired outcome.

In the past, I shared a group sheet and a list of questions and potential items that would be of interest to me. Sometimes, I’ve mailed them the research I know to a certain point and ask them to fill in the gaps. A few individuals have willingly have responded and filled in gaps with amazing photos that I never knew existed and stories I’ve never heard.

But I received more open hearts and flow of information when people were excited about what I am doing, and they can consume their family history in a method that excites them. So, here’s a list of 10 ways I have shared family history to build excitement and lead to more discoveries.

Ten Ways to Share Your Family History

  1. Create a bound book

  2. Create an eBook

  3. Create a heritage scrapbook

  4. Create digital photo projects: digital photo albums, slideshows, music videos, documentaries

  5. Write articles for local genealogical societies or state genealogical society writing competitions.

  6. Donate family histories to a genealogical library, university special collection, or local genealogy society

  7. Write blog posts

  8. Create a documentary and upload it to YouTube

  9. Upload photos and stories to online genealogy trees

  10. Print an online or offline blog book or journal

Notice how this list includes options that deliver your stories, no matter if they are large projects or smaller ones.

Depending upon which project format and delivery method you choose, you can create great excitement for your family's history among your other family members.

Or, you might be able to give pieces of a story to someone who can pull all those pieces together into a project of their own.

For additional sharing tips, check out these blog posts:

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