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  • Ancestry Hints - How to Accept Clues While Doing Genealogy Research

    How do you decide if a record hint on Ancestry is accurate? When deciding whether to accept or reject a record hint on Ancestry, consider the following questions Where can you find record hints on Ancestry? Should You Believe the Ancestry Record Hints? How to Research Common Name Ancestors Ancestry Tips and Tricks Genealogy Research Tips

  • The Best Genealogy Gift of 2023

    These may include: Ancestry Findmypast MyHeritage GenealogyBank Fold3 Family Tree Webinars

  • Which Ancestry MyTreeTags should you use on your family tree?

    In a previous post, I covered the basics of how to add Ancestry’s MyTreeTags to your ancestor’s profile Understand the Definitions Behind Each MyTreeTag Before you add an Ancestry MyTreeTag to your ancestor The universality of the Ancestry MyTreeTags has ended. Common DNA Ancestor MyTreeTag According to Ancestry, “This person is a common ancestor between yourself Using Ancestry MyTree Tags Correctly Ancestry MyTreeTags can be a boon to your research and our collaboration

  • How to Transfer Your Family Tree Between Ancestry and FamilySearch

    you confused about how to transfer your information between two online trees, namely FamilySearch and Ancestry The Easy Way to Transfer Family Trees Between Ancestry and FamilySearch For members of The Church of and FamilySearch For those who have a more robust Ancestry subscription and happen to be members of 56 mark in this video, I address how to use RootsMagic to transfer information from FamilySearch to Ancestry It becomes easier AFTER you go through the hassle of choosing to transfer from Ancestry to FamilySearch

  • 14 Online Genealogy Search Strategies You Need to Know

    Searching for our ancestors using the internet should be easy. to help know different action plans that will help you as you utilized genealogy databases such as Ancestry For my Zumstein ancestor, I found them with the surname Sunpstene. Ancestor + 1 Parent Not every record records the names of both parents. Search for Neighbors Not every ancestor lived near their relatives.

  • The Best Genealogy Research Log Tool Ever!

    the Bureau of Land Management, the National Archives, the Ohio Memory Project, Findmypast, WikiTree, Ancestry Personally, I'd rather delete a log entry than neglect to capture an online source that has my ancestor's Perhaps you believe your ancestor is in a collection, but you must advance through hundreds of images Pro Tip: You have to be an individual record or image on Family Search and Ancestry for the citations Simply key in a term such as: Ancestry Gmail Find A Grave Goldie May will filter your results to entries

  • Easily Link AncestryDNA Matches to Your Tree With New Genetic Genealogy Tool

    With a new tool from Ancestry, you can quickly and easily link your AncestryDNA Matches to your family Ancestry's DNA Match Tool Links DNA Matches to Your Family Tree In early 2020, Ancestry released a DNA Additionally, I DON’T want to build a massive tree on Ancestry. To make use of this feature, I think I would have to have two separate trees on Ancestry. I mentioned in this Ancestry vs MyHeritage video.

  • Should Spouses Have One Tree or Separate Trees?

    But should they have their ancestors in the same database? such as FamilySearch, WikiTree, and Geni, you can have a shared tree or separate trees in MyHeritage, Ancestry We can, and do, keep separate trees in our Ancestry accounts. This is why I made a series of videos about fixing locations in your Ancestry, FamilySearch, Family Tree One benefit of membership for genealogists is we can each have separate access to Findmypast, Ancestry

  • Tree Hints Vs Record Hints - Which are better in genealogy research?

    The major genealogy websites Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, and Findmypast offer record hints to In general, I ignore family member tree hints unless I'm working with Ancestry ThruLines to resolve a any piece of information found in a hint. " Check Back Often Every year, FamilySearch, Findmypast, Ancestry Tree-to-Tree Hints for Genealogy Research How to Use Hints to Easily Do Genealogy Ancestry Hints - How to Accept Clues While Doing Genealogy Research Ancestry Hint Feedback - Should You Use This

  • Are You Adding These Facts to Your Family Tree?

    Today, I will show you some readily available facts to add to your family trees in FamilySearch, Ancestry What Facts Does Ancestry Already Have? Are there some on Ancestry that you COULD be using but are not? Ancestry has many choices to select from but also a “Custom Fact” as the fourth option should you not For a full list of the Ancestry pre-defined facts, click here and follow the steps.

  • Why are my DNA test results wrong?

    The reason why 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, MyHeritage DNA, Living DNA, and Family Tree DNA can be so accurate The ethnicity estimates indicate where some of your ancestries may have been.

  • Stop Adding These Images to Ancestry

    But, Ancestry likes to send me hints for Amelia, so I peek every so often. Seriously, why are these images put on the profiles of our ancestors at Unspecified Ship Images on While I’m talking about my ancestors not being flowers, trees To sum up, don’t turn our ancestors into trees, flowers, and flags on Read More About #AncestryMyTreeTags #Ancestryresearchtips

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